The Bell 214b is capable of lifting or moving anything up to around 6,000 pounds and as high in elevation as 6,000 feet. The Bell 214b can cruise at 100 knots with a sling load and up to 130 knots with no load, making long distance multiple pick projects more cost effective.


East West Helicopters uses Bell 214B1’s for heavy lift operations. The majority of East West Helicopters work has been in the logging industry and firefighting. This is repetitive lift flying with a two hundred foot long line, giving our pilots an enormous amount of long line experience.

East West has also completed many precision lift jobs. These include the installation of Ski towers, cement work, mining equipment moves and Aircraft recovery.


East West Helicopters has been fighting fires with the Bell 214b in Canada and the US for the past decade. Our pilots have over 15,000 flying hours, of which most is long‐line–related. This experience gives our flight crew the precision on the fire that Fire Command is looking for.

Our helicopter, the Bell 214b, was specifically designed to operate in hot temperatures and at high elevations, making it the perfect firefighting machine for our Canadian summers.

East West uses a Torrentula Bambi bucket with a Sacksafoam injection system. This bucket allows our pilots to make multitude drops and control dumping flow to make the most out of every delivery to the fire.

East West always arrives with a spare Bambi bucket plus a fully self‐contained service trailer with a full complement of spare parts. This keeps maintenance on site and reduces any helicopter down time.