BH214B1 / C-FXNI

This ship was designed in the early seventies as an improved version of the model 205A-1. The 214B proved its increased abilities in 1975, when it set five time-to-climb and altitude records, including sustained altitude in horizontal flight of 29,760 feet. While not a record, the 214B1 does have a service ceiling of 20,000 feet and can hover out of ground effect (at full gross weight on a standard day) at an impressive 13,400 feet. This is more than twice the density altitude the 205A-1 can handle.

The 214B1 is basically a lift machine, that can take up to 8,000 pounds on its cargo hook. Its principle applications are in general and power line construction, forestry (logging), and firefighting particularly in the intermountain western areas of North America where the ship’s altitude capabilities makes it desirable.

The Bell 214b can cruise at 100 knots with a sling load and up to 130 knots with no load, making long distance multiple pick projects more cost effective.